Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe healthier

They're super soft but still hold their shape wonderfully while baking. And on top of that, they tasted even better than I remembered, so I just had to share the recipe. Cream together butter and sugar in large bowl until smooth.

As a form of penance, I want to post another recipe that we do share throughout the year: sugar cookies. The recipe's origin was a mystery to me until I asked my Mom. When I was a child, we lived in an apartment building in Burlington, Vermont.

And if you're feeling really creative, follow Gail Dosik's instructions to make beautiful cookie trees. What's your favorite sugar cookie recipe? Tell us in the comments below. See our Holiday Guide for more recipes and gift ideas.

Whether you are in the crispy, thin sugar cookie camp, or the cake-like, chewy, sugar cookie camp, they are certainly worthy to enjoy on Christmas day. But what if you wanted to make your favorite recipe just a little bit healthier? Have no fear!

Recently, I shared a family story on Eatocracy about our attempt to get back our family tradition: the befana cookie. My Grandmother passed away before we learn.