'Mad Men' Premiere: 11 Burning Questions Answered

The two-hour, ultra-hush-hush Mad Men fifth-season premiere has finally aired, and a thousand television critics and their editors can finally let loose thousands of words on the meaning of it all, something they've been

By Kenneth Salikof / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Millions got their long-awaited “Mad Men” fix Sunday night with the return of AMC's wildly popular drama chronicling the goings-on at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. But George Lois, the legendary ad man and art

This is a Spoiled Bastard. It contains spoilers. That's the point. If you haven't watched the episode, come back when you have.

So, there you have it, "Mad Men" fans — we finally know the status of Don Draper's relationship with Megan. (Warning: If you haven't watched the "Mad Men" Season 5 premiere yet, stop right here or risk being spoiled.)

"Mad Men" lovelies January Jones and a covered up Christina Hendricks both put their hair back at the same event in NYC this week.Question is