Mad Matt Forte isn't an elite back

BY SEAN JENSEN Twitter: @skjensen March 22, 2012 1:50PM Matt Forte who is awaiting his own contract from the Bears, was not too pleased about them signing running back Michael Bush to a four-year deal, one that's worth $14 million, including $7 million

In the matchup between Matt Forte and Jay Cutler during the play-in round, Forte won the fan vote to reach the 32-candidate voting bracket. Now Forte, a 6 seed, will go head-to-head against Patrick Willis, an 11 seed, during first-round voting in the

Matt Forte is not happy with the Bears signing running back Michael Bush. The Bears' starting running back shared his displeasure over Chicago signing another running back over Twitter.

The Chicago Bears haven't been able to reach an agreement with their star running back Matt Forte but they have been able to sign Michael Bush. The Bears.