Looking For Free Kindle Books? Check Out Your Library!

Free Kindle Books – When the Eagle Screams, Puzzles, Etc.

Both Readers Cove and Old Firehouse Books are selling e-books through Google, available for reading on a Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader, an iPad or other tablet device, but not the Kindle, which is exclusive to Amazon. "Digital is here," Wilmer said.

Amazon offers a free app every day. It's worth it to check in with that each day to see what you can get. Last week, Amazon offered a nice interactive Charlie Brown Christmas book for free that is regularly $7. There's nothing better than the DODOcase,

IReaderReview.com tracks free Kindle books and other Kindle and ebook news. The person behind this blog also is part of a team that develops Kindle apps, so there is other commentary and discussion here. While DailyCheapReads.com does cite free books,