Live blogging Tim Tebow's press conference in New York

I was excited to see Tim Tebow's conference because its exciting to see a new player who's excited to join your team, you know? I mean ordinarily its not exciting to sit and watch a person answer questions but when Tim is this

But Tebow is still expected to have some sort of impact on the offense. Perhaps that comes through the use of the Wildcat or other Tebow-specific packages, which Rex Ryan talked about over the weekend. "Tim is going to be

Tim Tebow, the newest New York Jet, gave a press conference today about being traded by the Denver Broncos and what the immediate future holds for him. When asked about his feelings regarding the trade being a “publicity stunt”, Tebow

Get your pre-conceived narratives ready, it's Tim Tebow press conference time. Oh but wait, it's not really a press conference. It's a “player availability” session since Rex Ryan and the Jets brass are in Palm Beach, Florida for

By Chris Chase By Chris Chase | Shutdown Corner – 7 hours ago Shutdown Corner's minute-by-minute recap of Tim Tebow's introductory press conference with the New York Jets. 12:06 pm — Tim Tebow enters from a door 40 yards away from the podium and walks