Levi Johnston to be a dad for the second time?

Levi Johnston, the 21-year-old's rep confirmed to Us Weekly on Tuesday. Johnston's girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, is pregnant, according to the mag, which credits TMZ with the scoop. Oglesby, 20, works as a teacher in Wasilla and has been dating Johnston

Sunny Oglesby is reportedly pregnant with her first child. Say what you will about Levi Johnston, but his boys can swim.

Levi Johnston and his pregnant girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, are excited about having a baby, even if it was an unexpected surprise. Could this mean a second chance at doing things right with his second child? Oglesby is a few months along in her

Levi Johnston called in to blast Sarah Palin accusing her of blocking him from seeing his son with Bristol. Levi also talked about his new baby on…

At just twenty-one years old, Levi Johnston is already being known for his "world class" sperm and failure to use condoms properly. First his little swimmers (and some wine coolers) were involved in Bristol Palin's pregnancy.