Leona Lewis takes the stage on "The X Factor"

Also, Justin Bieber posts a finale hint on his Facebook page and Leona Lewis is set to sing Snow Patrol's "Run." The final sing-off between X Fact.

Not that I expected 50 Cent to sing a Christmas song, but especially after Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder, Leona Lewis and a short appearance by Rachel Crow, 50 C.

Bieber gets festive-themed performances, Pitbull showers the stage with laser beams, Leona narrates the story of the contestants, while Fiddy goes straight to the club.

The final episode of 'The X Factor (US)' aired this evening but before the winner was announced, a range of artists hit the stage to further excited the crowd. Among the performers were Leona Lewis, 50 Cent and Justin Bieber,

British “X Factor” champ Leona Lewis wowed with her cover of Snow Patrol's “Run,” Pitbull got the party started with “International Love” and “Give Me Everything” with Ne-Yo, and Justin Bieber spread some holiday cheer with