Kathy Griffin — Who Wouldn't Try to Kiss Anderson Cooper's Penis?

As his penis hurriedly packed its rucksack and detached from his body to run away to Cambodia, Cooper held friend and co-host Kathy Griffin upright as many wondered what baby he had recently eaten to be punished this way during what should have been

Kathy Griffin tried to go down on Anderson Cooper live on TV during CNN's New Year's Eve coverage. During a segment about a New Year's Eve tradition in Eastport, Maine, in which the town's citizens kiss an 8-foot sardine

Kathy Griffin pretended to go down on Anderson Cooper Monday night. It was awkward for all of us.

Leave it to Kathy Griffin to be as inappropriate as possible on live national television. Bless you, Miz Griffin!!! Kathy got a bit too close for Anderson Cooper's comfort on CNN's New Year's Eve Live when the comedian kissed the news anchor's crotch

That was the question for CNN viewers early Tuesday morning as they watched comedian Kathy Griffin drop to her knees and plant a smooch on Anderson Cooper's pants zipper during the live New Year's Eve broadcast from