Justin Bieber appears to be smoking pot in party pictures

Justin Bieber Smoking Pot, Weed (Allegedly) in TMZ Photos, Pictures of Marijuana at Hotel Party in January 2013.

Guerra, TMZ said, made a phone call shortly before his death telling a friend he was convinced Bieber was smoking pot behind the wheel — he reportedly thought he was in pursuit of a hot story. Bieber was not in the car when it was pulled over around 6

Justin Bieber's squeaky clean image has taken a bit of a hit in 2013. Biebs made the first big celebrity headlines of 2013 when a paparazzo was killed in a car accident while chasing a vehicle which he thought was being driven the Canadian pop superstar.

Justin seems to have gotten himself into some major hot water recently with these alleged pot smoking pics and now HollywoodLife.com's Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller and Senior Reporter Chloe Melas are debating whether

Take a close look at these TMZ photographs of Justin Bieber's hotel escapades — maybe focus on his left hand, just a suggestion — and you will notice a device that is almost certainly filled with substances unbecoming of a teen pop idol. Yes, our