Johnny Weir Is Married!

The figure skater says "I do" on New Year's Eve after a "whirlwind" romance.

Johnny Weir Gets Married. According to press reports, Johnny Weir has married boyfriend Victor Voronov. Voronov is not a skater, but he is a Russian. The wedding will be this summer, and I can't wait to see pics of that event

What is it about Christmas and New Year's Eve that makes couples feel like getting serious?

The new year's barely a day old and already we have the happy tidings of two big fat gay celebrity weddings: those of Latin pop star Ricky Martin and Olympic.

the four letter network over the years, but none greater than its uncanny ability to somehow convince the vast majority of the country that what it says is as much a fact as 1+1=2, or Washington was the first President, or Johnny Weir pulls chicks.