John McCain and Chuck Hagel were once BFFs. What happened?

An article recently appeared charging Chuck Hagel, who from 1987-1990 was the president & CEO of the USO, with an obsessive anti-Jewish compulsion to close the Haifa operation. The article, "The Saga of Hagel and Haifa," written by senior writer Adam

Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) for Secretary of Defense has generated controversy for several reasons, but his past opposition to abortion rights for rape victims in the military does not seem to be a sticking point for progressives. Sen.

There, Chuck Hagel is accused of uttering the no-no phrase "the Jewish lobby" — supposedly a virtual confession of anti-Semitism. The absurdity of this charge, leveled by editorial writer and columnist Bret Stephens just last

Despite the enthusiastic support of California gay activist Rick Jacobs, the Chuck Hagel nomination for Defense Secretary is getting more flack from LGBT groups Tuesday. On Monday, Jacobs called out the Log Cabin Republicans, saying the group's

Today, President Obama announced his nominee for Secretary of Defense: Chuck Hagel, the former Republican senator from Nebraska. Hagel's confirmation hearings are likely to be tense. For the past decade, he's been at war with his own party over foreign