John Edwards's trial: a cad, or a cad and a felon?

day 2 of the criminal trial of former presidential candidate john edwards now under way in north carolina . former aid andrew young is expected back on the stand and is considered a linchpin in the prosecution's case. the government argue that is

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The aide who helped John Edwards hide his pregnant mistress testified Tuesday that the former presidential candidate directed him to seek money from rich friends to provide the woman a monthly

The once-promising candidate could face 30 years in prison and a million dollars in fines and penalties.

By Colleen Jenkins GREENSBORO, N.C., April 23 (Reuters) – Prosecutors in the criminal campaign finance case against former U.S. Senator John Edwards described him on Monday as a manipulative politician who refused

The former presidential candidate faces criminal charges for allegedly using money from big campaign donors to keep a sex scandal from sinking his '08 bid.