Jessica Sanchez's Almost Elimination: Other 'American Idol' Shockers

I feel good! The reason I wanted to do that song is because I love the artist, and I don't think she gets recognized enough,” Sanchez tells Zap2it after her Top 7 performance that ultimately landed her at risk of going home

Case in point: preternaturally talented teen diva Jessica Sanchez. Even after killing it on Wednesday night (again) , Bebe Chez very nearly got sent home in seventh place Thursday night in one of the most shocking near-eliminations in recent history.

Sanchez and her fellow contestants tell Us about Lopez's bond with her backup dancer beau.

Jessica Sanchez, the youngest finalist on American Idol, was dramatically saved from elimination on Thursday by the show's judges as she performed a last-chance song to prove she was worthy of continuing. With Jennifer Lopez leading the way,

In this April 11, 2012, photo released by Fox, Jessica Sanchez performs on the singing competition series "American Idol," in Los Angeles. / Fox / AP PHOTO By DERRIK J. LANG Associated Press The "American Idol" judges didn't stutter: Jessica Sanchez