Jerome Simpson's flip touchdown keeps Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC playoff …

From takeoff to landing, this is one of the most remarkable touchdowns you'll see scored in any season of the National Football League. Jerome Simpson's leap calls for a superlative version of "elevate," but sticking the

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Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson did just that against the Arizona Cardinals. Now, if this were the Olympics Simpson would probably get a couple points deducted for putting his hand down. But seriously

Jerome Simpson with the first Oh Holy Night Shit moment of the Christmas weekend.[Vid via Obsessed With Sports]. Tweet · Cam Newton's 49-Yard Touchdown Run and NFL Rookie Record Passing Performance · The Giants

As we near the final hours before Christmas, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson decided to give all the Bengals and NFL fans a gift with this amazing full flip touchdown. At first, it appeared to be a simple reception by Simpson as Arizona