Is Adrian Peterson Nuts to Want to Beat Bolt? In a Word, Yes

The Lions and Vikings are divisional rivals, but Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles hopes that sharing an alma mater with Adrian Peterson makes the Vikings running back open to helping out a player from Detroit. Broyles tore the ACL in his right knee in

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson led the way for the Vikings, and is John Madden's season MVP.

GREEN BAY—Had he broken one more tackle, Adrian Peterson would've completed a touchdown run that would've set the NFL all-time single-season rushing record, won the game and put his team into the playoffs, all on

From the blog Shutdown Corner: At some point Adrian Peterson might lament that he came nine yards away from breaking Eric Dickerson's record, an excruciatingly close call for one of the NFL's greatest marks. It didn't matter

Have you ever seen a more desperate run than Adrian Peterson's last run of the 2012 football season? Not just in the NFL, but anywhere — like to the bus stop or across the lawn or down the stretch at the track? With 24 seconds left on the clock, on