Instagram for Android: The good, the bad, the ugly

It's finally here! Instagram has launched for Android today, and all you amateur photographers and social media fanatics should be plenty happy to give it a.

By now, you've got to be familiar with Instagram. Sure, you may have never used the app, which until mere minutes ago had yet to make its way beyond iOS,

However, within the last year and a half, Instagram has become incredibly popular; being was named App of the year by Apple in 2011. Today, Instagram was made available for the Android platform in the newly revamped Google Play Store.

Photo sharing app Instagram launched for Android. We test it out, and determine that it's mostly similar to the iPhone version.

By Roberto Baldwin Now that Android has Instagram, the world will inevitably be overrun with filter-infused photos. Ready to partake? Now you can get the best of those yellow-tinted photos off of your smartphone, and onto your fridge to secure your