Illinois primary results 2012: Mitt Romney won in a landslide, what a relief!

If Illinois voters were hoping for an enlightening discussion of the issues facing our country, they were disappointed. The Romney and Santorum messages are identical: 'I'm the real conservative and my opponent is a fake'.

The Illinois primary results have all eyes on the Land of Lincoln on Tuesday night. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was favored over rival candidates former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, former House Speaker Newt

Watch the results of the Illinois Republican primary come in live with this map provided to The Daily Caller by Google and The Associated Press. Follow TheDC's continuing election coverage here. The Associated Press

Mitt Romney rolled to victory in the Illinois Republican primary on Tuesday, regaining some momentum in a race in which he has been unable to put away his opponents.

Polls are now closed in Illinois and the Republican primary results are starting to come in. So far it looks like a big night for Mitt Romney. According to