'Hunger Games' Exposes Myth of Technological Progress

"Hunger Games" depicts a futuristic, high-tech world where reality TV showcases teens fighting to the death. Many futuristic technologies are depicted, but others — like the Internet — are not represented. Such "gaps" in technology don't necessarily

You've seen the previews of the movie "The Hunger Games," which opens Friday — the beautiful star wields elaborate bows to make the sport empowering and sexy. Archers and bow hunters knew the interest in their sport would spike.

March 23 (Bloomberg) — Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. has also produced a windfall for its bond investors, along with shareholders, with the anticipation built around today's release of the action film “The Hunger Games.” The company's $436 million of

The Hunger Games takes audiences to a future, decades after an apocalyptic war, where the North American continent consists of one nation, Panem, run by a dictatorial regime in the Capitol. The rest of Panem consists of

(Frank Ockenfels/AMC) From 'Mad Men' to 'Hunger Games,' character couture gallery (10 photos) It's 1962, and Madison Avenue adman Don Draper unveils a new campaign for Playtex executives: On one side of his ad, a brunette model in a black bra and