Howard has herniated disc in back

The Magic have officially stated that their superstar center and the only guy that matters on the squad is out indefinitely with a herniated disc. Steve Kyler, a writer for HoopsWorld, and someone with a lot on connections within

Collins sustained a herniated disc in his neck against the Carolina Panthers in Week 2 of last season. He underwent single fusion surgery last September. Collins is expected to meet with Mike McCarthy and the Packers brass some time before the NFL

A Herniated Disc is a very painful condition to deal with. Fortunately it's easier to find relief than you might think. With these simple exercises that you can do right now, your herniated disc will begin to heal very quickly.

Roughly six months after New York-based spinal surgeon Frank Cammisa opened a hole in the front of Collins' neck and repaired a herniated disc by fusing two of his vertebrae together, the Packers safety is nearing decision time regarding his career.

The Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard was diagnosed by a doctor in Los Angeles with a herniated disk in his lower back on Friday. / By Geoff Burke, US Presswire ORLANDO (AP) — Magic center Dwight Howard was diagnosed by a doctor in Los Angeles with a