Howard has herniated disc in back

This license will allow BRT to begin furthering the science, preparing it for clinical trials in the US, and ultimately developing improved, minimally invasive treatments for individuals with severe pain due to herniated or bulging discs.

Magic center Dwight Howard was diagnosed by a doctor in Los Angeles with a herniated disc in his lower back, a team spokesman said. Howard sat out the Magic's 109-81 loss to the Atlanta Hawks Friday night, the fifth game he's missed in Orlando's last

Nine patients who received treatment for a herniated disc at a private hospital in Gaziantep have filed compensation claims against the hospital and the doctor who administered the treatment, claiming they underwent negligent laser treatment.

Dwight Howard flew to L.A. yesterday to receive a second opinion on his troublesome back. The result of his trip was a shocking diagnosis: he

A Herniated Disc is a very painful condition to deal with. Fortunately it's easier to find relief than you might think. With these simple exercises that you can do right now, your herniated disc will begin to heal very quickly.