How the Peeps biz stays fresh (since the chicks don't have to)

Marshmallow-Peeps.jpg Lots of people equate marshmallow peeps with the spring season. Whether or not you celebrate Easter, these little sparklie marshmallow treats are a staple in the candy aisle this time of year. They've

Just thought I'd post my favorite PEEPS diorama–perfect for Mystery Fanfare. This is, of course, a PEEPS Birds diorama. Every year, the Washington Post, Smithsonian Magazine, and many other newspapers around the

By Elissa Bass The winner of the Patch's PEEPs art contest is "My Peeps on Sunday Funday," created by Deborah Rolon. It was submitted by her mom, Patch user Heather Flynn! Congrats Deborah! (She even went to the beach to get the sand!)

"MB Peeps (Milwaukee Brewers Peeps)," by Kelly Johnson and Jane Lueloff of Racine, seems an appropriate theme for both the RAM's third annual "International Peeps Competion" exhibit and the Brewers 2012 season, both of which open on Friday, April 6.

The New York Times recently went inside the Pennsylvania-based family-owned Just Born factory and shot some great images of how their Peeps marshmallow candies are made. The full set of images can be found at The