Hook Has A GUN! Once Upon A Time Gets REAL In New Promo!

In the Enchanted Past, Snow White and Prince Charming (and let's be honest here, their army) defeat King Charles George Widmore's forces. Without the help of her only ally, Regina is likely to fall. She orders her guard to

"Once Upon a Time" fully regained its momentum in "The Cricket Game," getting a simple but effective adrenaline boost just by allowing our favorite characters to reunite.

They're baaaack….or for Cora and Hook, they're heeere! And I don't remember Hook doing that much glaring in Story Book Land. More smolder, less anger, please. Sweet, innocent Henry isn't fazed by walking in on Grandma and Grandpa, well…performing

While some networks are still on winter hiatus, ABC is not among them and tonight they kick off the second half of the season with a new episode of Once Upon A Time. When last we left Storybrooke, things were looking up. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and

Once Upon a Time pulled a fast one on "The Cricket Game." Earlier this week, ABC released a sneak peek of the murder in Storybrooke which surprised me. Why would they give away such a enormous reveal before the episode even aired? It was a big ruse!