Hi-Dee Hi-Dee Hi-Dee Ho! – or, continued musings on relativism in art

We lost my grandmother almost two years ago, but I'll probably never be able to stop thinking about what I could have done to make her last few years easier.

An American Masters episode on Cab Calloway debuted this week on PBS to generally good reviews. While Calloway is mostly a New York figure, Chicago played an important role in his career. Let's take a look, first with a

When I was 10, I snuck into my first R-rated movie and caught my first glimpse of Cab Calloway. Mind you, I'd heard him numerous times, as my folks had "Minnie the Moocher" on a 45. But much like the young audience who

Specifically, how do we deal with the fact that this man's favored music is performed by artists (like Cab Calloway, whose most famous song is below) who do.

It is a very moving video of a man in a nursing home coming to life when he listens to Cab Calloway. Once again, I was struck by the incredible power of music. For this old man, music transports him to a time of youth, hope