Grand jury cancellation leaves Zimmerman case in limbo

Apparently the Florida special prosecutor says it will not be needed. I don't know if this means anything, but I would think that if prosecutors didn't plan to.

The Florida prosecutor investigating Trayvon Martin's shooting death sets the nation abuzz by nixing a grand jury hearing the day before it was to convene.

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey decided Monday to not use a Grand Jury in the Trayvon Martin shooting death.

It´s been recently reported that the Trayvon Martin shooting case will NOT be brought to a grand jury. A statement from Angela Corey's office, the special prosecutor for the case, reads:

TAMPA – This issue of going to a grand jury raises some good questions. Just what do grand juries do? And how do you get on one? Legal experts say it's the luck of the draw. People are picked randomly, through their driver's license, the same way the