Giants Lose to Cardinals in First Game of NLCS

An inside peak for New York Giants fans at Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and the San Francisco 49ers as NFL Week 6 looms.

Were those the real New York Giants? How about the Packers? And can anyone on the Yankees get it done at the plate? That and the rest of the weekend in the Monday Morning Jones.

Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) — New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning found himself in an unusual situation during the fourth quarter of a 26-3 win at the San Francisco 49ers in a rematch of last season's National Football Conference championship game

Tue., Oct. 16, 2012 8:00PM – 8:30PM EDT Giants Rewind The voice of the Giants, Bob Papa, and Giants legend Carl Banks break down and examine the Giants' most recent game using exclusive highlights, postgame

San Francisco Coach Jim Harbaugh took exception when the Giants' offensive coordinator said one of the Niners "gets away with murder" with officials.

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