George Zimmerman's father speaks out in defense of son

Kudos to Weer'd for uncovering the police report of the arrest in the Zimmerman case. I had not previously come across this. The offense description in this.

The Sentinel quotes college officials as saying, “Due to the highly charged and high-profile controversy involving this student, Seminole State has taken the unusual but necessary step this week to withdraw Mr. Zimmerman

In light of Trayvon Martin's death, Seminole State College has expelled George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin. The college released a statement Thursday addressing the high-profile controversy — citing student safety

George Zimmerman, a white Hispanic, shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month and claimed self-defense. The case has drawn withering criticism over the lack of an arrest, and Gov. Rick Scott has formed a task force to review Florida's controversial

By Joy-Ann Reid After nearly a month of silence George Zimmerman finally emerged on Friday, in the form of a voicemail left on the answering machine of his most vocal supporter. Frank Taaffe, a former block captain at the Sanford, Florida gated