Following trade for Tim Tebow, NY Jets backup QB Drew Stanton prefers to be …

Then late Wednesday night, someone took to Twitter on @nyjets to counter Drew Brees' incredulity over his team's Bountygate punishments. The offending @nyjets tweet has been deleted, but the exchange was screengrabbed for posterity.

By Sam Farmer Los Angeles Times The Denver Broncos have traded quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, according to multiple reports, a move that isn't stunning in that it comes a day after Denver signed Peyton Manning. The acquisition of Tebow

With Peyton Manning joining the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow needed a new home. The Word Eye Heard is, he's joining the NY Jets.

I bring this up because the New York Jets just brokered a trade with the Denver Broncos. The Jets will send the Broncos their 4th-and-6th-round draft picks this year, and in return, the Broncos send Tim Tebow and their

By Mighty Quinn / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS The Tim Tebow news made a monkey out of Mighty, but he won't be making good on that Canada trip. After reading Wednesday's Daily News back page “TIMSANITY: Jets crazy for Tebow, but Cromartie says don't do it,”