First BCS Rankings Provide Buzz but Little Else

After West Virginia's devastating upset at the hands of Texas Tech, Mountaineer fans woke up the following morning surprised to find that the earth was still simultaneously spinning and revolving around the sun. Gravity had not been reversed, there was

With the release of the first BCS standings, each program will know where they stand and what they'll need to do over the next few months to attain whatever goals they are looking to achieve. Considering how impatient and desperate we all are for non

The first official BCS standings of the 2012 season have Florida over Oregon at No. 2, but the really interesting stories are.

It's just now past the midway point in the college football season and, as usual, there are a few teams who seem out of place in this week's set of rankings. To be fair, it's been a particularly crazy football season. Huge upsets are happening almost

Here are the rankings. Let the overreactions begin.