Few babies survive long with Trisomy 18

the former White House hopeful about coping with daughter Isabella, the youngest of Santorum's seven children known as Bella, who suffers from a rare chromosomal disorder called Trisomy 18, which causes severe medical and developmental problems.

Isabella suffers from a chromosomal disorder called Trisomy 18, where extra genetic material is present on chromosome 18. The extra material interferes with normal development, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Isabella Santorum, daughter of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, has Trisomy 18, a rare genetic disorder that delays development and can cause he.

He began reconsidering his campaign after spending the weekend in the hospital with his daughter Bella, who suffers from Trisomy 18. (/The Associated Press) Correction: Clarification: SuperFan badge holders consistently post smart, timely comments

Mr. Santorum often drew people with Down syndrome and their families, encouraged by his stories about his own daughter, Isabella, who has a condition known as Trisomy 18. “Unless you've lived it and you've come out on the other side, no one else can