Etch A Sketch's maker capitalizes after being drawn into politics

The Amazon sales rank for the $11.50 Classic Etch A Sketch Magic Screen has increased 1556% within 24 hours, following a viral Etch A Sketch comment from one of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's senior

Presidents with political capital and resonance from years of successful leadership in Washington do not backpedal on recent decisions they make. Candidates with re-election concerns do. Previously against the Keystone Pipeline project because of

Instead of rejoicing in what looks to be the beginning of the end of the Republican presidential race, however, Romney and his team are on the defensive over an Etch-a-Sketch. Yes, an Etch a Sketch. Erik Fehrnstrom, one of Romney's top aides,

His own campaign has internalized the identity crisis: On CNN Wednesday, Romney's communications director compared his fall campaign strategy to resetting an Etch A Sketch. Uncertainty is not a ticket to the White House, that much is clear.

Mitt Romney's campaign is probably wishing at this point that political statements were as easy to erase as the gray doodles on an Etch A Sketch, but the toy's century-old manufacturer is enjoying the unexpected publicity.