Eagle Cam voyeurs witness the birth of National emblem

By Daniela Hernandez The stars of the live-streaming eagle cam have made the first step in raising this year's brood of bald eagle chicks in Decorah, Iowa. Three eggs have appeared in the nest, being kept warm in turn by mother and father.

Look for changes in the Richmond Eagle Cam babies over the next week or two. Fighting between the two could end — it appears to be subsiding now — and the chicks should get a darker, thicker coat of down. The fighting — usually the older,

In 2011, thousands tuned in to the Eagle Cam to see the eaglets in Decorah, Iowa hatch. The Decorah eagles returned to nest at the end of December. Since then, the Eagle Cam has had more than 11 million views. The first egg was laid on Feb.

A quick update on the Decorah Bald Eagle cam that we've been keeping track of and became quite the sensation last year.

By Daniela Hernandez We're officially on Eagle Cam Hatch Watch. The first egg, laid on Feb. 17 in Decorah, Iowa should hatch on March 23 or 24. The other two will likely hatch in the next two weeks, so get ready for a long and exciting hatch-a-thon!