'Dancing With the Stars' recap: Rock ballroom with a KISS

Melissa Gilbert was hospitalized following her “Dancing With the Stars” performance.

Dancing with the Stars hunk-a-burnin' love William Levy is working feverishly on the Jive — or what he thought was called "the drive" — with pro partner Cheryl Burke, and we're at their top-secret rehearsal! Is he pleased with his progress,

BY SAMANTHA NEGRAVAL For actors who have dropped out of the Hollywood spotlight, competing on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" can offer some good exposure. But along with the flattering attention comes a certain amount of risk.

I know the ratings have been anemic, but bumping it twice for Dancing With the Stars recaps is cruel to the fans of Cougar Town, fans who waited nine months for new episodes. I waited patiently, thinking ABC had a good plan for the show and that the

It's rock week on “Dancing With the Stars”! To kick things off on an appropriately headbanging note KISS(!) came out in full makeup and armor, horns on shoulder pads and all, to kick off the proceedings with their signature hit “I Wanna Rock and Roll