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Today's 'HD Hottie' is Kristen Bell, who stars tonight in high-def on Forgetting Sarah Marshall at 8 pm ET on FX. The 31-year-old actress, who was born in Huntington Woods, Michigan, started as a child actress, getting work in local Detroit theaters.

Segel pitched Disney the movie not long after he sold his Forgetting Sarah Marshall script, a 2008 film in which his character goes full-frontally nude and directs a puppet musical. The 31-year-old actor, best known as the

Kristen Bell ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall") and Bradley Cooper ("The Hangover") co-star. "Outrun" is centered around Charlie Bronson (Shepard), an ex-getaway driver stuck in the Witness Protection Program. He breaks out of anonymity in order to drive

The man can be absolutely delightful in the right situations — namely, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, live stand-up, and pretty much any televised interview — and fairly execrable elsewhere. Yes, that's right, I'm admitting it: I saw the Arthur remake.

NR (1941) Forgetting Sarah Marshall 8 pm, 10:30 pm (FX) A composer (Jason Segel) flies to Hawaii to forget the woman who broke his heart. R (2008) The Fugitive 8 pm, 11 pm (AMC) Harrison Ford as a wrongly convicted man on the lam.