Colts beat Texans, 19-16

INDIANAPOLIS — Reggie Wayne will always remember Thursday night's catch. The man with the expiring contract caught a 1-yard touchdown pass from Dan Orlovsky with 19 seconds left, giving the Colts their only lead of

A high bar has been set for Antonio Smith and the Texans defense. (Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE) MoiseKapenda Bower is a Howard University educated Houston native who spent nearly 10 years with the Houston Chronicle covering prep, college and professional

The 19-16 win was the second loss in a row for the Texans, who now drop to 10-5. The Patriots, who are currently 11-3, can split their final two games, finish at 12-4 and secure a first-round bye even if the Steelers and Ravens win their last two and

Game thread for Texans v. Colts, NFL Week 16. I'm 100% cheering for the Colts to win tonight, for the next 3 hours i just want to see the Colts beat the Texans. I worry about possibly losing the first pick later!!! Vamos Colts!

Well, there's a moderately crappy NFL matchup and a fairly interesting college football matchup on the slate.