Coachella 2012: Music, and yoga, start the day in Indio

As Coachella gets underway this weekend, music festival season is in full swing. And with it, the lightweight, carefree styles that have come to define concert garb are appearing everywhere from online retailers to storefronts.

We've only ever seen the band in idyllic settings — at the Hollywood Bowl and a prior Coachella — and the bit of doomy precipitation underlined the sad vibes of songs like the rueful “My Ma.” That said, NorCal, you can have your weather back now.

Clark plays the kind of electric blues that owes a debt to both Freddie King and Jimi Hendrix, not necessarily a combination you'll often find these days on the Coachella roster. You could see the thrill in the eyes of a lot of moms and dads in the

Whether you couldn't pony up for the cost of tickets and lodging or just didn't feel like slogging through the mud at the more-than-likely rainy Coachella.

Remember the time David Spade exploited the fond dead memories of Chris Farley for that stupid DirecTV ad? Sort of? Well, this is worse! TMZ reports Nate Dogg will play Coachella from beyond the grave. As a hologram.