Chris Christie's new attitude: Can angriest man in America be president?

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a cheap shot at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on NBC's Tonight Show Thursday. "Chris Christie does not have a weight problem. He has a water retention problem.”

Tweet · 173 Comments. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hauls House Republicans and House Speaker John Boehner onto the carpet for their heartless refusal to provide emergency relief aid to Hurricane Sandy victims:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made it abundantly clear whom he blames for the delayed vote on the Hurricane Sandy aid bill: House Speaker John Boehner. In a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Christie tore into

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rang in the New Year in classic Christie style — by ranting and doling out tough straight talk. But there was something different in Christie's tone at a Wednesday press conference. Rather than railing against

Earlier today, in what can only be summarized as an epic meltdown, NJ governor Chris Christie proceeded with an even more epic rant against House speaker John Boehner, in narrow terms, and House Republicans in