Chris Christie: Did primal scream help or hurt his presidential prospects …

If you thought John Boehner had a tough day yesterday, things just went south again for him at a dizzying pace. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent a good half hour at a press conference harshly attacking Boehner for spiking a vote on disaster aid

Consider Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor is savaging House Speaker John Boehner and congressional Republicans for not quickly delivering on a $60.4 billion aid package to those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Of course, there's nothing wrong

A furious New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie unloaded on House Speaker John Boehner Wednesday following the cancellation of a promised vote for Hurricane Sandy relief, saying the people of his state were "played last night

Pete King, the unpredictable Republican from Long Island, has spent the past 24 hours on an outraged media tour against his own party. And on Wednesday afternoon, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie convened a press conference to comment on the matter.

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