Carson Daly apologizes for homophobic joke; 'Twins' sequel is on the way

Carson Daly has apologized for making offensive jokes during a discussion about a pilot's meltdown on a flight to Las Vegas.

Carson Daly took to his radio show today to sound off on the JetBlue Airways pilot charged with interfering with a flight crew after sprinting through the cabin of a Las Vegas-bound flight screaming about terrorists and 9/11

Carson Daly is doing some damage control. After making what could be considered a homophobic joke about the Jet Blue incident that recently made headlines on his radio show, The Voice host has issued an apology to LGBT rights group, GLAAD,

Carson Daly is sorry for a joke he made about gay people this morning. He said they could not have subdued that deranged JetBlue pilot.

by Carson Daly I loved the first battle last night. Those were two great guys paired together, and of course it was sad to see one go. James Massone has that great “How do you like them apples?” personality, and that storyline of true Boston grit and