Carlos Beltran

The Legend is now teammates with Adam Wainwright.

The St. Louis Cardinals' pursuit of Carlos Beltran in free agency only makes sense if he can play center field.

By Matt Brooks Carlos Beltran's bat helps fill the void left by Albert Pujols' departure. (Jeff Chiu – AP) The Cardinals disclosed the agreement on Thursday night but will wait until after the holidays — and Beltran's impending physical — to make a

By Chris Haft / | 12/23/11 11:14 AM EST SAN FRANCISCO — Carlos Beltran has left the Giants, but he didn't leave them without options. Beltran, whose long-expected departure from San Francisco became official Thursday when he agreed to a

I'm heading out on the road soon and finding it difficult to concentrate, so we're going to do this lazy bullet point style: So it turns out that brief love affair with Carlos Beltran ended just as quickly and poorly as we expected.