Canucks Hat Trick: The King of Kings, Lappy lapping it all up, the Daniel dilemma

Built in 1890 by "Butter King" John Newman of Elgin, sold to "King of Kings" cheesemaker Albert Deppler of Green County, and today owned by Anne Lancaster, whose product logo – in a nod to the creamery's past – includes

The crown of thorns was one of the instruments of the Passion and placed on Jesus Christ before his crucifixion, a symbol of pain and mockery for the true king of kings, said Father James Dubrouillet, pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in

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They called on Him, “Hosanna, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.” As our week progressed we came with Jesus to the upper room and we sat down with Him and His disciples. We ate food together. We heard how he instituted the Lord's Supper and commands us,

I've ruminated about Nicholas Ray's King of Kings, not to be mistaken with de Mille's version. And it's always been my obsession to know the differences between the four Gospels and its relation to the film adaptations.