Before 'Hunger Games,' there was 'Battle Royale'

While the DWTS-Voice battle may eventually peter out, the full-season ratings war shows no sign of flagging. Through the first 26 weeks of the 2011-12 broadcast season, Fox remains in the lead with a 3.3 rating, while CBS is averaging a 3.1.

"Battle Royale:" The cult Japanese novel (1999) and movie (2000) has already gotten the Web-erati hot and bothered, especially with Collins' saying she hadn't read the book or seen the film. It's easy to imagine why she might have: Koushun Takami's

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By Mary Beth Quirk on March 20, 2012 2:00 PM 0 views While you shouldn't even bring bagels up with a New Yorker if you're not prepared for a fight, the brave, expert testers over at our smarter siblings Consumer Reports took on a bready battle of epic

Even walkon guard Staats Battle has found the spotlight, thanks to an contest designed to determine the player with the “Coolest Name in the NCAA tournament.” Like the Wolfpack, Battle has advanced through two rounds of head-to-head