Aubrey O'Day Talks Danity Kane Reunion: "I Want To [Get Back Together]"

Ex-Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day recently told staffers that she's ready to reunite with her girls Shannon, Dawn, D. Woods & Aundrea (collectively known as Bad Boy's now defunct pop/R&B

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Aubrey O'Day is, for reasons unknown, highly dedicated to the reunification of Danity Kane. For all the fun that she pokes at washed-up, '80s has-been Debbie Gibson on Celebrity Apprentice for delusions of a "comeback tour

Aubrey O'Day's decision to let her dogs rub their butts all over the table at a popular LA eatery last week has triggered a Health Dept. investigation TMZ has learned because, quite frankly, it's disgusting. TMZ broke the story the

I have given myself a migraine and possibly broken the space-time continuum trying to puzzle that one out, and am now somewhere in 2525, where “Lost In Your Eyes” is still played on the radio, but where “Aubrey O'Day” is now a popular psychological