Asteroid mining and other out-there ideas from the tech titans

When first we heard about Planetary Resources — the mysterious space company launching tomorrow with the backing of big tech names — we had an inkling that the company was actually an asteroid mining outfit,

The plan involves sending "a swarm" of 20-pound satellites that cost as much as $5 million apiece 500 miles from Earth in search of potential platinum-rich asteroids, The Times reported. If an asteroid appears to be worth mining, the company will send

First, they'll have to launch several private telescopes into space to find the best asteroid targets: they told AP they intend to send up the telescopes within two years. Co-founder Diamandis told Forbes although asteroid mining is difficult,

Today: asteroid mining, explained, The Walking Dead the video game is like a more prolific version of the series, and Phillip Humber was very excited to meet David Letterman. James Cameron, Google chairman Eric Schmidt and former Microsoft chief

Via the BBC: Plans for asteroid mining emerge The founders include film director and explorer James Cameron as well as Google's chief executive Larry.