As Romney and Ryan campaign across Wisconsin, 'chemistry' and talk of a ticket

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I've written that Rep Paul Ryan did the world a favor by not trying to hide the ball with his budget — now adopted by House Republicans and endorsed by Gov. Romney. Their vision for America is clear, a vision that we at CBPP have been elaborating

Barack Obama spoke to the American press yesterday to demagogue Republicans, Paul Ryan's budget, cite Ronald Reagan as proof that raising taxes is okay, and damn with faint praise American exceptionalism.

Paul Ryan, a "joke" during a weekend Orlando Tea Party forum. Mack, who missed the Ryan plan vote in Washington last week while he was fundraising in Florida, later said through a spokesman that he would have voted for it anyway.

Saying that President Barack Obama "isn't interested in governing," House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan sent an email blast to supporters Tuesday in an effort to raise money off of Obama's speech attacking the GOP leader's