'Argo': How improbable is Ben Affleck's transformation?

Argo is Sesame Street for grownups. It's a history lesson that goes down like candy, a recreation of a little-known component of the Iran hostage crisis rendered into a breathless two-hour thriller. It's brilliant and clear, intense

Daily Dose: Ben Affleck's "Argo" has a great soundtrack. There's only one problem. The Rolling Stones song "Little T&A" wasn't technically released at the time his thriller about the rescue of six Americans from Iran in the midst of the hostage crisis

Movies that appeal primarily to older adults rarely rocket out of the box office starting gate — graying patrons don't much care for crowds or you-must-go-right-this-minute marketing pressure — and Ben Affleck's “Argo” was no exception. A suspenseful

Ben Affleck's Oscar baiting Argo settled for a close second place with $20 million. That wasn't quite enough to top his previous directorial effort The Town which bowed in at $23 million. The drop is most easily blamed on the

“Argo,” Warner Bros., $19,458,109, 3,232 locations, $6,020 average, $19,458,109, one week. 3. “Sinister,” Summit, $18,007,634, 2,527 locations, $7,126 average, $18,007,634, one week. 4. “Hotel Transylvania,” Sony, $17,241,317, 3,375 locations, $5,109

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