Anonymous denies Stratfor hack

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have denied executing a hack and extract operation against Stratfor, a US-based security think tank. The hackers – who may be linked to Sabu of LulzSec fame – managed to steal

The servers of global intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting have been hacked into, allegedly by the Anonymous group. Some Anonymous members claim responsibility, while the group's press release denies it.

Something STRATFOR emphasized throughout Yemen's political crisis was that even though it looked like the regime was on the ropes, regime collapse was still very unlikely given the fact that Saleh's family members and allies retained control over the

Hackers on Sunday claimed to have stolen a raft of emails and credit card data from U.S.-based security think tank Stratfor, promising that it was the start of a weeklong assault on a long list of targets. Members of the loose-knit

By Ian Crawford, KUT News Intelligence company Stratfor believes that its website has been hacked. The Austin-based company has pulled their site down. Austin-based security company Stratfor says its website has been hacked.