Ann Romney debate shows importance of female voters in 2012 election

A day that started with the Romney team's silence on Lilly Ledbetter's fight for equal pay ended with Ann Romney's first tweet – in praise of the (unpaid) stay-at-home, hard-working mom. By David Grant, Staff writer / April 12, 2012 In this March 19

WASHINGTON – It began with a Democratic pundit's comment late Wednesday on cable news that seemed to criticize Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, for choosing to stay home and raise their five sons rather than work. Thanks to social media, the remark quickly

At-home parenting is "work," but the real issue isn't linguistic. It's whether we're willing to make it possible for all parents, of any income level, to do it well.

Democratic strategist said the stay-at-home mom never worked a day in her life.

April 12 (Bloomberg) — A fight for female voters in the presidential race got personal today, with Ann Romney, first lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama wading into a dispute over stay-at-home mothers. In an interview on Fox News,