American Idol: Stevie Nicks coaches and the top nine shine (+video)

Stevie Nicks is the “American Idol” guest mentor for the Top 9, which is seriously awesome. Diddy schmiddy. Stevie Nicks rules.

Stevie Nicks mentors the Top 9 contestants, and breaking news from Randy: They all want to win it! By Annie Barrett | Published Mar 29, 2012 Have you any dreams you'd like to sell? It's only Stevie Nicks who wants to wrap around your dreams and

Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks stopped by American Idol on Wednesday night's show to coach the nine hopeful remaining contestants and in the process revealed.

Plus, Nicks tells the singer he could have joined Fleetwood Mac back in the day.

Someone has a crush on Phillip Phillips, and that someone just so happens to be Stevie Nicks. The legendary singer-songwriter openly ogled the Dave Matthews soundalike and fan fan during her gig as the celebrity guest