Amanda Todd: Bullying in Canada is at a “breaking point,” NDP MP says

Amanda Todd may have felt like she didn't have a voice when she was being bullied, but in death, she has captured the world by storm. After hearing the heart-wrenching story of a teen girl taking her own life after intense bullying, many people are

The FBI has a significant role to play in three major crimes making headline news this month: the online-motivated Amanda Todd suicide and stalker hunt, the Justice for Jessica effort in the Jessica Ridgeway murder in Colorado and now the Wyoming

Bullying victim Amanda Todd, who took her own life this week, is still enduring the wrath of haters on Facebook and Youtube memorial pages.

Even after death, Amanda Todd cannot escape bullying. The young girl who took her life earlier this week after being tormented by bullies is still receiving.

"Vancouver-area teenager, 15-year-old Amanda Todd, committed suicide Wednesday thanks to constant bullying from classmates, after she made a series of YouTub