Alicia Silverstone baby-feeding video goes viral; Lindsay Lohan to guest star …

Today: Mitt Romney kept things in check and even got off a few good lines on the Tonight Show, Alicia Silverstone prechews her child's food, and Eric Clapton spent $4.5 million on a red car. Mitt Romney was relaxed and sociable on the Tonight Show last

By harry68 Alicia Silverstone, famous American actress, author, and former fashion model, is in the headlines for some unhygienic practices. As much as it comes across as a surprise for all the fans and followers, it's true as well.

Is Alicia Silverstone getting her parenting tips from birds? In the latest video posted on Silverstone's website, the 35-year-old feeds her baby by chewing up his food and feeding it to him mouth-to-mouth. “I just had a

By ninemsn staff Actress Alicia Silverstone has filmed herself chewing up food and passing it into her toddler's mouth — like a bird feeding a chick. And the 35-year-old Clueless star has posted the video to her blog in a bid to promote the practice

I wonder.if Alicia and January will together start a new trend: if your kid is stressed, chew up a capsule of his own dried placenta & spit it into his mouth. that is just disturbing. I like Alicia Silverstone, but that's just moronic.